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Dine-In Details + Food Offerings

If you didn’t know, we are fully open to dine-in service AND Fraboni’s Pizza and Batch Bakehouse Soft Pretzels are back!

We will also continue to have food trucks like Melted and Vengan Pa’Ka do pop-ups either on the corners of our block or right in front! With winter weather on the horizon, we’re also working to schedule some indoor pop-up food events, too. Our Facebook events page will show everything that’s coming up.

And as always, you are more than welcome to bring any food into the bar or have food delivered including, but not beholden to, an entire cake, a charcuterie board, pita chips & hummus – just to name a few items we’ve seen.

Lastly, a quick note on the current public health mandate: masks are still required while inside, but not while you are eating or drinking.

Trivia Tuesdays

Trivia Tuesdays have been popping! Trivia runs from 6-8 p.m. and we really encourage you to show up between 5 and 5:30 if you want a seat! We have some fun gifts that we’ve been stashing that we’ll be bringing out to offer as prizes throughout the month of October in lieu of our normal % of tabs.


The short version is that we still have some way to go to get back to the business momentum we had prior to the pandemic. That said, with your support and word of mouth, we’ve been able to bounce back to roughly 60% of what we were doing pre-pandemic.

If you recall from the earliest of progress updates, we didn’t create this craft beer bar to be a primary source of income (I work another full-time job to pay the bills). The soul (not a typo) goal of the bar is to help breweries thrive and to raise the bar of bars. In order to continue to succeed in our mission, we still have some way to go.

Obviously the best way to ensure the business thrives is to make purchases, but the second best way is to tell a few friends about us. We’ll be sure to impress those few friends enough that they’ll in turn tell a few of their friends… and so on.

Cicerone® Selected Six Packs

Browsing across our 95+ craft beer bottles and cans is fun, but if you’re short on time, know a certain style or theme of beer you want to buy or simply want to pick up some of America’s finest craft beers that a Certified Cicerone® (that’s me) is loving right now then grab a Cicerone® selected six pack from our beer cooler.

You may have seen the traditional light beer, dark beer, sour beer and IPA beer six-packs, but we’ve been rotating others through the cooler, too. Throughout the next few weeks you’ll find Oktoberfest beer six-packs, Belgian beer six-packs, Garth’s beer picks six-packs and others.

As always, we are all ears if there’s another curated six pack you’re on the lookout for. Simply send ideas our way!


Beginning in October, we’re piloting being open all day on Thursdays.

We’ll be open from 9:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. 

In addition to offering beer for your purchase from cooler or tap, you can also get coffee on nitro, kombucha and other N/A beverages. We’ll also have some pastries available (sometimes for free!) – who doesn’t love a good Greenbush donut or Bloom Bakeshop muffin?!

The truth is that we’re there all day on Thursdays accepting deliveries, stocking, and deep-cleaning, so we figured we might as well allow you to get out of the daily at-home or in-office work situation and swing in for some free wi-fi.

Plant Care Help Wanted

Are you a plant care geek or know someone who is? We have some greenery that could use some love and attention and we’re open to a little bartering. Send me a note at

Team Members

You’ll be happy to know (but probably not as happy as me) that we have found a stellar bar manager. His name is Erik and he comes to us with brewery, bartending, event coordination, marketing experience and so much more! Give him a warm welcome when you see him next!

As business begins to get back to full-steam, we will be looking for an additional beertender or two to join our team. If you or someone you know is interested, all they need to do is send a paragraph explaining why here.

Badger Game Days

Whether it’s a home or away game, we’ll have it on.

We are also opening up at 9:30 a.m. on early home game days.

From our first few games, our space has been a go-to for pre-gaming and post-gaming, so if you’re looking for a lower-key game-watching experience – now would be the time to visit to watch the game before more and more game day people discover us 🙂

Upcoming Tastings

Interested in learning more about off-flavors in beer? We’ll be hosting a private class on October 25 at 7-8:30 p.m. You can learn more details on our Facebook event and email to claim your spot – there are only 11 spots available and it’s $40 per spot.

We are also hosting a beer and cheese pairing event on October 27 from 6-7 p.m. Three beers. Three cheeses. Likewise, you can learn more details on our Facebook event and email to claim your spot – there are only 14 spots available and it’s $25 per spot.

And as always, if you want to schedule your own tasting, head to our Tastings & Trainings page to learn more about what we offer.

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  • Kellie Miller

    October 8, 2021 at 2:24 pm

    Love the newsletter! Looking forward to coming in again soon and I really enjoyed your Truth statement, Garth! Kudos


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