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A guest came in just the other day and browsed our cooler. He nabbed one can to-go.

“I used to live closer by and came in a lot. I was feeling really nostalgic today.”

Friend, we’re feeling very much the same.

Nostalgic of a full bar, of trivia, of broken glassware and unexpected (but always appreciated) bottle shares. Nostalgic of seeing smiles and hearing laughter from those all around us.

Alas. We push forward and relish every little moment we can. And for those who have come in for one like the gentleman the other day or have come in consistently for crowler fills and six packs – thank you.

No doubt we’ll both look back later on and feel good about the effort and support we’ve given each other and our community throughout the pandemic.

Now let’s get to the updates …

Open Hours (To-Go and Patio)

With the city’s order, we’re still rocking with to-go orders and patio seating for those brave enough to bear the cold. Ben, our bar manager as you likely know, and I have joked – if there is anyone that’s going to dine outside – it’s going to be a craft beer drinker! Our COVID hours will continue as such:

Tuesday-Friday: 4:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

Saturday-Sunday: noon to 7:00 p.m.

And Monday we’re closed.

We’re still doing to-go orders, so anytime you’d like something set aside for you, simply shoot us a note at You can find our full menu on our website. And, as always, we’re happy to do curbside pick up if you’d like – just let us know in your email!


We had a truly remarkable wave of support at the start of the pandemic, but in full transparency (when are we not?!), things are beginning to get tougher. We’re seeing a slow, but steady decline in sales likely due to the change in weather, sunset time, and inability to offer dine in service combined with recurring expenses like rent and POS system, etc,. starting up again. We’re confident in our ability to push through the dip – it’s in our blood and we’re all-in invested in this remarkable establishment – but like so many others who are getting the short end of the stick as a result of the pandemic – we can use your help.

Here are some ways you can play an integral role in helping us through the dip:

  • Check out the GBB branded shirts we have showcased on the wall inside and pick one up. They make great gifts, too, of course.
  • Until December 25th, we’re running a gift card promotion
    • Swing in to purchase a physical gift card. Buy a $25 gift card and we’ll throw $5 in with it. Buy a $50 gift card and we’ll throw $10 in with it. Buy a $100 gift card, we’ll throw $25 in with it.
    • Purchase an egift card online. For every $50 purchased in an egift card, we’ll enter you to win a private four-course beer tasting with Certified Cicerone® Garth Beyer. Random winner will be selected Dec 26th.
  • On that note, we’ve been hosting more virtual tastings. Want to buy a tasting for a friend or host one with your family? Let us know – we’ve got some ideas.
  • Starting this week, we’re making Brewery of The Week a regular thing. Every week we’ll showcase something we love about an American brewery. Oh, and all beer by the brewery will be 40% off all week long.
  • And one more cool idea we’re executing…

Beer Advent Calendar

24 hand-selected American craft beers wrapped and hidden from your view, but sure to make every day of December better than the last. Each advent calendar beer box is $82.99. Since we’re hand-assembling these, we have a very limited quantity. If you’d like to place your order for one, shoot us a note at and we’ll let you know when you can swing in to pick up yours!

Garth's Brew Bar Beer Advent Calendar

Pop Ups

With it looking like we won’t be able to offer dine-in service in the near future, we’re beginning to ramp up our pop up events at the bar. For example, swing in for some beer to-go and some sweet merch from Bad Luck on November 28th at 2:00 p.m. We may even have Triangulador in to show and sell his art, too!

Our Facebook events page is the best place to bookmark and keep an eye on the events. If you’ve got an idea for a pop up, let us know by dropping us a note at


Your Wish-Fors?

Have any questions about craft beer or the bar that you want to learn about in our newsletter? Noticed something awesome from a brewery or another brand’s newsletter that you’d like to see us also do? You know what to do:



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