Craft Beer CultureA Case For Canned Beer


When you browse the more than 140 American craft beer options in our 16-foot cooler, there’s a reason that most of them are canned.

Actually more than one reason.

  1. Cheaper to ship. Why is this #1 for us? Because we’re here to help breweries thrive. In order for them to thrive, they need to have more sustainable profit margins. Though bottles aren’t costly, they are more expensive in the long run. The more breweries can save, the more they can experiment, produce, give away and grow.
  2. On point aroma and flavor. Cans prevent UV light from impacting the the aroma and flavor of the beer. No matter how dark a bottle may be, if in any light (especially direct sunlight) the flavor and aroma will be impacted. If you’ve opened a bottle of beer and smelled skunk, that’s the result of the product being light struck.  
  3. Good for the environment. Most understand the recyclability of aluminum – it’s nearly endless. But what’s more is that you can cool cans faster and transport more liquid at once at a lower cost, reducing the overall carbon footprint of the process.
  4. Perfect for ING activities. No need to pay attention to the “no glass allowed” signage when your cooler is packed with cans. Canned beer is perfect for all the ING activities – hiking, camping, kayaking, snowshoeing, beachbumming, biking, etc.
  5. Fit for the fridge. You can fill your home fridge with more beer thanks to the stackability of cans. We don’t suggest trying to stack bottled beer.
  6. Easier to open. No bottle opener. No problem. Simple as that.
  7. Shotgun. We’re not really ones to shotgun a beer, but the reality still rings true: you can’t really shotgun a bottled beer now can you?

Have any other reasons to add? We’re all ears, but let’s crack a beer can open first.

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