If a perfect beer exists, maybe it’s something that flows from a tap or comes in a can. It’s something you want to find. Something you long for. Maybe something you’ve been chasing for years. Maybe we’ll find it, but for now let’s enable craft beer to do what it does best: ignite our senses and bring us closer together.

Garth Tasting Beer

Endless AppreciationFOR THE BEER,

After years training my palate and pouring over the details of beer through Certified Cicerone® training, hosted tastings and casual sips, I’d like to share what I’ve learned with you. I offer fun, educational courses in beer style history, food pairing, draught system maintenance, off-flavor detection and other tasting and beer training experiences.

If you’re interested in any of the following tasting or training options please send a note my way to garth@garthsbrewbar.com.



Through the tasting experiences I’ve hosted, I’ve gotten pretty good at choosing beers for every palate, even those who have given up on beer. There are options out there for people who prefer wine, energy drinks and milkshakes. In this tasting, we’ll explore a variety of styles, chat through the history of each and go through a blind tasting and a terminology exercise. This is the most motley tasting experience I host. Ready to have some fun?


In this unique experience, you’ll finally put words to the aromas you smell and flavors you taste in the most popular styles of beer. You’ll sample hand-picked American craft beers and a variety of ingredients associated with each. We’re talking pairings like Working Draft Beer Company’s Dad Bod alongside chocolate covered espresso beans. Or Karben4’s America AF alongside fresh guava, grilled watermelon, lemon grass and pilsner malt. Prepare your palate and get ready to taste ingredients you otherwise may never try!


Whether it’s a five-course dinner party, a Halloween-themed event or a Girl Scout cookies soiree, we’ll bring the beer and the goods for a custom pairing that’s truly one of a kind. I host on-site company pairing events and free-style in-home experiences. Let’s chat about what event I can host for you!


Looking to bolster your beer list, create unique food pairings or host training sessions for your staff? In this training session, we’ll cover the history and rise of craft beer, the brewing process, homebrewing, ingredients, style overviews, flavor profiles, presentation and pouring, pairing techniques and differences in fresh and aged beer. Yea, it’s a lot, and that’s why – as it is with all tastings and trainings – this can be customized to fit your needs.


This course is my favorite. Whether you’re studying to become a Certified Cicerone® or simply want to fine-tune your palate to detect off-flavors which are sadly still all too common in beers, we’ll walk through blind tastings and discuss what causes off-flavors and tips to avoid them. You’ll cringe at some flavors we taste, but I promise to bring a bottle or two of good stuff, too.


If you’re looking to get wicked smart on beer styles fast, there is no better way than doing a blind tasting. We’ll walk through how to best use your senses to guess the correct style of beer – and determine if it’s fit to serve! You’ll learn history on each style as well as how to more easily differentiate two similar style beers.



Females Enjoying Microbrews (FEMs) met monthly since 2011 before COVID. Our meetings are about gathering people and enjoying company as much as they are about education and we missed that interaction and opportunity to learn. Garth generously lead a virtual tasting for us, curating a 6-pack to pick up for our tasting and providing us with not only a wealth of knowledge but also a chance to connect with fellow FEMs, local and far – some of whom who’ve moved away and we haven’t seen for years. It was fun learning and a major spirit-lift during a tough time for all!

Robyn Klinge

Drinkable Destinations


My wife and I held a beer tasting at Garth’s for a group of friends. Garth was easy to work worth beforehand suggesting different types of beers and pairings. During the event Garth and his team provided a wonderful experience with a great selection, interesting and informative details on the beers, and great pairings for each sample. It was a great opportunity to introduce ourselves and our friends to a variety of beers we might not otherwise choose for ourselves. We all had a great time and would recommend it to anyone looking for a fun experience!


Monroe Street Area Neighbor


As an organizer of the Great Taste of the Midwest for 3 decades, I am very familiar with the unique skill set one needs to possess in order to effectively run tastings, seminars and group meetings. Garth Beyer has these and more. When I hired him for the 2019 Great Taste of the Midwest to run a Beer vs Wine Pairing session in our Education Tent, I knew it was a good call. He was a delight while we worked alongside the session’s Sommelier to design the event in order to provide the audience with the information to choose which beverage paired best with cheese. Garth is knowledgeable, detailed, warm and engaging. I will hire him again without hesitation for events both here in Madison and around the Midwest.


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