Craft Brew Bar StoryGarth’s Brew Bar Progress Update – July


The business train keeps on rollin’ and progress is being made.

Here’s the latest…


For those who haven’t heard.

1726 Monroe Street.

Go ahead and save it as a “favorite” location on Google Maps.


Gemütlichkeit is a word meaning health, friendliness and coziness. It’s often used to describe a warm and cheery atmosphere.

The natural light, the open space, the coffee-shop vibe and multiple spaces (couch area, booth cubes, long tables, etc.) all work together to bring an attitude of adventure and comfort.

Everything is working together to bring a sense of easy community, where people put aside differences and relax over an American craft beer (or two).

The cherry on top is that we will have a few outdoor seats tucked up against the building, so keep Garth’s Brew Bar on your list for venues for outdoor consumption!


As we continue on through build out and purchasing inventory, it’s a rollercoaster of some costs being double what was projected and other costs being far less. As long as we balance out in the end, all will be good.

That being said, we’re open to any contributions (old unused board games, perhaps?) and we’ll soon be rolling out a pre-order for some wicked merchandise. You’ll be the first to know!


Beer builds community. So what better way to bring your clients, staff or guests together than over the most delicious, interesting and unique brews available to the U.S?

From a craft beer tasting at a reception, to an exclusive beer dinner for clients, to a networking event or a conference – we’re good at building palate-centric team-building workshops and ensuring we serve up an experience around beer that will satiate your audience.

Check out our Tastings and Trainings page to learn more. We look forward to working with you!

BONUS: I’ll be hosting a class on hops this Thursday at Steve’s on University. There are still a couple of spots open. You can register here.

Other Updates

If you haven’t made it to the blog page in awhile, you haven’t read the June update, the design philosophy for the bar or some memories from a few years ago when we began asking people what advice they had for someone opening a Craft Beer Bar.

Thanks for all the love. It would mean the world to me if you started telling friends and family about the opening. The more who know, the larger of a community we can build! Cheers.

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