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Momentum can be a fickle force. We sure had it going – thanks to you! Folks were loving Tuesday night trivia, beer tastings and board games, pop-up food events and simply having a place to escape.

As the organizer of so many events, I had finally felt like I got into a swing with things. Events were planned out more than a month ahead and Ben ( my main-man bar manager) and I had a good set list of beer focused fun for Madison Craft Beer Week.

Such is life, we had to pivot. Now Garth’s Brew Bar is the destination spot for to-go craft beer.

And you know all those remarkable beers that are draught only? We’re crowlering those so you can keep imbibing with the best craft beer in Wisconsin.

Here’s the latest.

Open Hours

There’s still no place I’d rather be opening our doors for to-go beer than at 1726 Monroe Street.

Tuesday-Friday we’re open from 4:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Saturday-Sunday we’re open from noon to 2:00 p.m.

And Monday we’re closed.

That being written, if you would like beer outside of the open hours, please shoot me a note at garth@garthsbrewbar to coordinate a pickup.

Pro-tip: Street-side parking on Monroe Street is free through most of April and we do have additional parking behind the bar off South Spooner Street, too.

Garth's Brew Bar Crowler Machine

About That Draught To-Go Beer

You’ve seen our bright green crowler machine behind the bar and – at this point – you’ve likely grabbed one, two or ten crowlers to-go. A huge thanks for that!

Like so many other bars and restaurants, we considered shutting down our draught lines during this time, but it’s more important that we can keep giving you America’s finest craft beer – many of which are draught only options.

As always, you can find what’s on tap and crowler prices on our beer menu page.

If you bring in a growler, we can fill those up, too!

Garth's Brew Bar Cooler

About That Packaged To-Go Beer

If you click the “cans & bottles” tab under the logo on our beer menu page, you’ll see the full list of available beer from our to-go cooler.

The list is always up-to-date with all our offerings.

And, as always, if you have something specific in mind you’d like, please let me know and we’ll work to get it in.

Remember: Since we don’t do a corking fee (which is actually illegal here), we provide a 20% discount for 4 and 6 packs of mix & match beer and 40% discount for 4 and 6 packs of the same beer.


Similar to events, we had just gotten into a flow with our cash flow. While we’ve had to furlough our team (the second largest expense of running a business) until we can open back up to normal operations, the rent (the first largest expense of running a business) continues.

While we’re working through deferment options; it’s scary because that puts even more pressure to bring additional dollars in down the road to pay for rent + deferred rent.

Alas, we’re continuing to keep an eye on various grant and forgivable loan programs that we may be able to apply for.

And if you’ve been following this journey since the beginning, you’ve heard and read that this bar isn’t about making money; it’s about raising the bar of bars in Madison and helping breweries thrive.

The People

We’re beyond grateful to have been open for a few months and have gotten to meet so many people. We’re fortunate enough to have regulars (like you?) still coming in for to-go beer and others finding us for the first time!

What’s more, is right before COVID-19 became as serious as it has, we had our first proposal at the bar! Congrats Adam and Linse!

And in case anyone is curious, I am ordained and could marry someone at the bar if they so inclined! Something to keep in the back of your mind.


If you’ve got some downtime and you’re interested in studying to become a Cicerone® Certified Beer Server, we’ve got the resources for you. While I wrote this guide to help those seeking the next level of Certified Cicerone®, it’s all still applicable.

Also keep an eye on our Facebook page for a giveaway. We’ll be paying for one lucky beer drinker to get Beer Server certified during this quarantine time. (Don’t worry, the exam is all done online.)

Questions Or Ideas?

Have any questions about craft beer or the bar? Or ideas for what we can do for fun during this time? Have a wish list for events once we’re able to have them?

You know what to do:

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