Craft Brew Bar StoryGarth’s Brew Bar Progress Update – April


Dine-In Details

The county will be coming out with an updated order on or before April 7th, but for right now we’re still required to stay within 25 percent capacity inside, which is roughly 20 people. Just like our patio seating, seating inside is first come, first served.

Food Offerings

While we are holding off on serving food again (beyond the incredible Slide chips and Kar’s mixed nuts we still offer), we are working with a few food truck vendors to support those folks throughout spring and summer.

Keep an eye out for the Banzo truck and a Facebook event with more details soon.

And as always, you are more than welcome to bring any food into the bar or have any food delivered.

Limited Hours

As we hinted last month, hours will be a very slow process for us as we begin to hire new team members and keep an eye on COVID-19 cases and vaccination numbers for the state and county. We are currently making offers to beertenders and have trainings scheduled for the first two weeks of April. We’re hopeful that once the team is trained – and the county releases their next order, that we’ll be able to update you with expanded hours.

For now, we simply ask for your patience. Like so many other businesses, we too are trying to run as lean as possible knowing 1. though some are very comfortable dining in and visiting drinking establishments again, many are not and 2. the pandemic took such a heavy economic toll that we’re all trying to be as efficient as we can as we start working to make up for the lost sales.

Current hours:
Tuesday-Friday: 5-7 p.m.
Saturday-Sunday: noon-2 p.m.
Monday: Closed

We promise to send an update as soon as we expand our hours.

Upcoming Tasting

We’ve been hosting various tastings – from partnering with Habitat for Humanity Young Professionals group for a spring-themed beer tasting to hosting private beer tastings for retirement parties and virtual tastings for tenants of apartment complexes throughout Madison.

Coming up, we’ll be doing a virtual Girl Scout cookie and beer pairing. Head to our Facebook events page for details on signing up!

And if you want to schedule your own tasting, head to our Tastings & Trainings page to learn more about what we offer.

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