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Not to tease you, but beer delivery in Madison, WI isn’t a real thing. Sort of.

There are certainly subscriptions that you can purchase, like Tavour or CraftShack, that allow you to select beers each day to be added to a box that they’ll ship to your home. It’s technically illegal for them to ship it, but there are some gray areas in regard to rules and regulations with smaller independent shippers that merely require them to verify age when they drop it off. Just don’t expect to see it arrive FedEx or USPS.

With the pandemic, there was a recent change that has confused people about the legality of delivering alcohol (wine, cocktails, beer, etc.,). While restaurants and bars in Wisconsin can now sell wine and cocktails to go (with properly sealed containers), they still can’t deliver them.

If you ask me, Madison is a long way away from allowing delivery of alcohol, beer or not. Especially if the pandemic wasn’t pressure enough to make it happen. However, beverage trends usually take footing in the Midwest after they do on each of the coasts. Alcohol delivery brands, namely Drizly, have continued to grow on the coasts and a spattering of spots throughout the U.S. There is such a demand for Drizly that Uber recently bought Drizly for $1.1 billion in stock and cash. It’s only a matter of time before they (or someone like them) ends up operating in Madison.

As for Garth’s Brew Bar, we’ve got the software and technology to accommodate online orders for delivery once we’re able. Whether I fuel up my own tank to drive it to your home or if we partner with a brand like Uber/Drizly to do it for us, we’ll be ready and in full support of it when it arrives.

But for now, as of 5/18/2021, delivery of beer is illegal in Madison, Wisconsin.

Note: Wine has different restrictions in place, licensing requirements, etc., Even though we can brew a beer that tastes just like wine and be at the same ABV, it can’t be shipped. Crazy. I know.


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