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Years from now we’ll be looking back at the various trends of the years of being in business of serving you. Though it feels unlikely right now, we think we’ll be looking back at our first year in business as a blur, a blip, a stepping stone to greater things – a distant memory.

Not because the pandemic didn’t leave any scars, but because we grew so much and we are beyond excited for how we’ll be able to help breweries thrive, raise the bar of bars and cultivate community this year and every year ahead of us.

Thank you for being part of year one of our journey – and for being part of what’s to come!

Open Hours (To-Go and Patio)

With the county’s current order, we’re still limited to offering to-go orders and outdoor seating only. Much like you, we’re hoping we’ll be able to have you safely drinking in-doors sooner than later!

Tuesday-Friday: 4:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

Saturday-Sunday: noon to 7:00 p.m.

And Monday we’re closed.

We’re still doing to-go orders, so anytime you’d like something set aside for you, simply shoot us a note at You can find our full menu on our website. And, as always, we’re happy to do curbside pick up if you’d like – just let us know in your email!

Space Rental

At the onset of opening, we were determined to be open as the hours on Google promised. This meant we restricted any space rentals to times that we were not normally operating. COVID-19 has put a lot of pressure on our business model and we’ve had to pivot in a lot of ways – space rental is one of those ways.

Until we are able to offer dine-in seating to the public, we’re willing to leverage the one option we have available to us under the county’s current order: private gatherings for up to 10.

If you’re extremely interested in renting out the space, please contact us at with dates, times, party size and any other pertinent details and we’ll get back to you with prices and options.

GBB Crowler Club

We now have punch cards for your crowler purchases! Here’s how it works:

Order a crowler of beer – get 1 punch
Order a party pack (4 crowlers at once) – get 5 punches
Once you have 10 punches, you get a crowler for free

To-date, we’ve never put restrictions on crowler fills and we don’t plan on it now. Want to use your free crowler to fill up on one of the rarest beers we have on tap? Go for it!

And because you’re a subscriber of this newsletter, we’re also letting you know that you can also bring a growler in for a fill up and we’ll punch your card for it, too!

32oz growler fill = 1 punch
64oz growler fill = 2 punches

Simple as that. Let’s get punchin’.

Garth's Brew Bar Crowler Club

New Swag

Fresh on the swag wall are tanks (because we’re all just hanging indoors with the heat on anyway) and sweatshirts (for when you need to be outdoors to get here for more beer, of course).

Garth's Brew Bar Swag

Garth's Brew Bar Sweatshirt

Brewery Of The Week

If you’ve been watching our Facebook events, you’ve likely seen that we’re doing a brewery feature each week. With one of our missions to help breweries thrive, it made sense to give a special showcase to one per week while also offering special pricing to make their beer even more accessible!

Each week all beers from the Brewery Of The Week will be 40% off. Whether it’s from our reach-in cooler or draught; whether you’re drinking on-premise or grabbing a crowler to-go – it’s 40% off!

By The Numbers

Though it was an abnormal first year for Garth’s Brew Bar (and everyone, really), we collectively cranked out some fun numbers!

1,058+ different beers have been in the cooler
225+ different kegs poured
2,560+ crowlers filled
7,200+ tasters given out
13,299 glasses poured
At one point we had more than 140 options available in our reach-in cooler (average is 95) because Garth got a little excited with his ordering. (Don’t worry, you took care of lowering that number fairly quickly!)


Let’s get to work at crushing those numbers in year two!

Explore Beer Course Giveaway

Be sure to visit our Instagram or Facebook page to see a post about a giveaway for the Cicerone® Certification Program’s “Explore Beer” online course! All you need to do is tag a friend you look forward to appreciating a beer with on our patio and we’re going to select one lucky duo to each receive a virtual ticket to the course!

Your Wish-Fors?

Have any questions about craft beer or the bar that you want to learn about in our newsletter? Noticed something awesome from a brewery or another brand’s newsletter that you’d like to see us also do? You know what to do:

Beer Box Teaser

We’ll be creating a Fe-brew-ary Beer Box – one wrapped beer per day for the entirety of February! If you haven’t subscribed to our newsletter, you’ll want to do so right away to get first-dibs – we’re only making a handful! There’s a “subscribe” button in the middle of our homepage.


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