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Brewery collaborations are ridiculously fun. They foster camaraderie and keep that “you’re my competitor” attitude out of the industry. Turns out putting multiple smart minds together on a recipe also results in remarkable beer. (We even know a thing or two about collaborations, being one of the few craft beer bars [read: not a brewery] to do them. Check ’em out.)

Some of our favorite collaborations, however, are the ones that dozens… perhaps hundreds of other breweries participate in.

Here’s a handful to keep your eye out for and why.

  • Other Half started All Together IPA to help raise money to support the hospitality time during the pandemic.
  • Weathered Souls started Black is Beautiful to bring awareness to injustices that many people of color face daily.
  • Third Space started One In Four to raise funds for domestic violence prevention.
  • Pink Boots holds an annual collaboration day that helps support and celebrate women and non-binary individuals in the beverage industry.

Like much in the world of beer, I believe we have Sierra Nevada to thank for paving and proving the path for collaborations on a national scale by launching the Resilience Project as a way to raise funds after the wildfire of 2018 displaced tens of thousands in California. Since then, there’s been one widespread collaboration project launched after another… and that’s a good thing.

Who knew you could do so much good in the world by drinking?



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