Craft Beer CultureBeyond The Buzz: 5 Similarities Between Craft Beer And Specialty Coffee


Specialty coffee and craft beer are two of the most widely consumed beverages in the world. They both have unique flavors and are created through a process that requires a great deal of expertise and attention to detail. While the brewing process for coffee and beer may seem vastly different, there are several similarities between the two.

1. Roasting and Malting

The first similarity between coffee roasting and craft beer brewing is the roasting and malting process. In coffee roasting, green coffee beans are roasted at varying temperatures and times to develop the unique flavor and aroma of each coffee bean. Similarly, in craft beer brewing, malted barley is roasted to varying degrees to produce different flavors and colors in the beer.

2. Temperature Control

Temperature control is crucial in both coffee roasting and craft beer brewing. In coffee roasting, the temperature must be carefully controlled to ensure that the coffee beans are roasted evenly and do not burn. Similarly, in craft beer brewing, temperature control is essential to ensure that the beer ferments correctly and that the desired flavors are produced.

3. Flavor Development

Both coffee roasting and craft beer brewing involve a focus on flavor development. In coffee, the flavor and aroma of the coffee bean are developed through the roasting process. In craft beer brewing, the brewer must carefully select and balance the ingredients to create the desired flavor profile.

4. Artisanal Craftsmanship

Both coffee roasting and craft beer brewing are artisanal crafts that require a great deal of skill and expertise. Just like a coffee roaster carefully selects the right roast profile for each batch of beans (and the duration it is at each temperature stage!), a brewer must carefully select the right ingredients and edit the brewing process to create the perfect batch of beer.

5. Experimentation

Finally, both coffee roasting and craft beer brewing involve a great deal of science and experimentation. During coffee and beer tastings we host, we describe every maker on a spectrum of art and science – it’s always a blend, but some roasters and brewers enjoy leaning on one end of the spectrum than the other. That said, no matter where they stand on the spectrum, they’re always apt to find new and innovative ways to improve the flavor and aroma of their products.

While coffee and beer may seem like vastly different beverages, the similarities between the specialty coffee roasting and the craft beer brewing process are striking. Both require a great deal of skill and expertise, temperature control, flavor development, artisanal craftsmanship, experimentation, and more.

There’s a reason we called it Garth’s BREW bar and why every specialty coffee or craft beer we serve, we pour it with pride.

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