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There have been a few news articles on best places to drink in Madison, and it’s high time I contribute since I’m often asked by people looking to make Garth’s Brew Bar their first of many stops for craft beer in Madison. Alas, here’s my list of recommendations for places to enjoy craft beer, in no particular order.

Robin Room

While they are known for their cocktails (and they are stellar!), you can skip right on by them if you want because their beer lineup is always incredible. A great combination of a few exclusives, few classics, and few uniques. By all means, get a cocktail, but kick things off with a craft beer first.

Working Draft

This is the crowd-pleaser brewery; the #1 recommendation I give out. Whether you’re a hop head or a lager lover, you’ll have a tough time leaving this place once you have your first pour. Don’t sleep on their Czech Lager.

Giant Jones

Big beer made by a badass woman. I could write a whole blog post on how incredible this brewery is (from their beer to their organic and sustainable practices), but my recco is to go talk to them yourself! Have fun exploring styles you’ve likely never heard of, too.

Sugar River Pizza

Aside from epic pizza, this is my go-to place for the seasonal offerings from Midwest’s best breweries. Want to know what’s the latest seasonal from the likes of Third Space, Half Acre, Toppling Goliath and others? Go to Sugar River.

Bear And Bottle

With ties to the coast, you’ll get your fill of West Coast brews here. Think about Alpine, Coronado, Bear Republic, for example.

Cask & Ale

If I want some eclectic boozy BA options, I head here. Given their abundant tap lines, they’re able to move enough “flagship” items to get priority allocation of the good stuff.

Off Broadway

Here’s a place that knows how to balance variety of beer styles with an emphasis on local (Wisconsin) offerings.

Blue Moon Bar & Grill

You go for the fish tacos but you stay for the beer. Blue Moon is so well established with a core set of breweries that you’re guaranteed to have access to a few rare option each time you go in..

Athens Grill

While the beer may not match the insane whiskey selection, it’s up there and close. Also massive appreciation for the Gluten-Free craft beer option on tap there.

So go ahead and enjoy your craft beer adventure through Madison.

All ships rise with the tide.


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