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So many behaviors, occurrences and elements of the future can be determined or explained by your zodiac sign, and it’s no different when it comes to what kind of craft beer drinker you are and the beer you pair best with.

Here’s the low-down.

Aries – The Ambitious Festivator

Aries, you’re the life of the beer party, bringing bottles large enough to share and enough of them to get eyebrows raising and people asking, “How are we going to drink all of that?!” If there’s a festival coming up, you’ve got your tickets and beer shirt picked out already. There’s no craft beer challenge that can stop you from rising to #1 and no one that will stop you from checking in another beer at Garth’s Brew Bar on Untappd.

Best paired with: Mile of Munich Dunkel from Lion’s Tail

Taurus – The In-Or-Out Optimizer

A bold IPA or heavy stout is your go-to, or anything that jives with your relaxed drinking nature and loyalty to brands. One things for sure, though, when you do head to the bar, it better have board games and people should fear if they ever do challenge you to a drinking one. Then again, you’re more likely to pick up a crowler to drink at home than you are to stay out past 9 p.m. And, that’s okay, we have mad respect for you.

Best paired with: Hopalicious from Ale Asylum

Gemini – The Flight Taker

If a bar doesn’t have a beer flight or taster-size options, you’re out. You love variety and you’ve got too many things to do and places to be to sit down with a 20 oz pour. You’ve also been known for participating in Dry-tober, mixing things up with hard cider one day, seltzer the next and celebrating the weekend with a mix-six pack of beer. You don’t care what’s at the bottom of the bottle, you care what’s next.

Best paired with: Gentry’s Rose Hard Cider by One Barrel

Cancer – The Community Linchpin

It’s amazing at how involved you are in the craft beer community. You seamlessly weave around to all the local breweries and bars, connecting with friends and owners. Having a good craft beer available is nice, but what matters most is the energy that a venue has. You’re the beer drinker that most people ask for recommendations from because somehow, you just understand what they’re craving.

Best paired with: Sweater Weather by The Fermentorium

Leo – The Avant (Bière de) Garde

We appreciate you taking a moment away from the Facebook beer group and beer trading forums to read this article. You’re not just a trend chaser; you’re the first to recognize the newest beer trends. You had a Brut IPA before they were popular and connected with the new owners of a nearby brewery before they announced that they were opening. Here’s to pouring another pitcher of that Chamomile-CBD Pilsner for your table.

Best paired with: Whatever is being released next week by Eagle Park

Virgo – The Plot Perfectionist

Oh, Virgo. People aren’t sure they wanted the beer you got for them, but they’re thanking you for ordering it without asking, anyway. You’ve likely got the next round planned, and where you’ll sit, and what game you’ll play and what conversations you have to have. You’re also the most likely to talk flavor profiles with beer and truly appreciate the work put into the one you’re drinking. You’re appreciated by friends and breweries everywhere, even when you do point out the off-flavors you learned about.

Best paired with: Pils by 3 Sheeps

Libra – The Hoppy Harmonizer

You’re questioning why there wasn’t more head on your beer before you realize that the glassware hanging behind the bar isn’t symmetrical. You dance wonderfully between a little buzz and being completely loaded. If there’s a food that needs to be paired with beer, you’re on it. You’re perfect at finding harmony in all aspects of the craft beer world.

Best paired with: HHG APA by Central Waters

Scorpio – The Hangover Hobbiest

Once you’re in, you’re all in. Bottle shares, games, casual drop-ins to the bar for “just one.” At the end of the workday, you’ve kept your shoes on in hopes someone will ask you to head to the bar – and when they don’t, you go anyway. Your magnetism is appreciated by bartenders and those sitting by your table. You’ve likely competed with the sound system to see who is louder, yet somehow still manage to leave to the next place without anyone knowing.

Best paired with: BOLD FONT ALL CAPS by Working Draft

Sagittarius – The Quest-Thriving Informant

You love to buy the first round for people and maybe even the second – anything to keep the group alive and energized. Whether you’re going to a bar, brewery or imbibing at home, you’ve invited the right folks along. While they’re talking among themselves, you’re likely reading reviews of the beer in your hand and learning more about the brewery, ingredients and if it’s a seasonal-rotation or not. Knowledge and curiosity is your way of staying involved and always-on.

Best paired with: Pale Weizenbock by Giant Jones

Capricorn – The Traffic Controller

You’re the mature drinker people wish they would have invited to their cookout. You wouldn’t have attended, though, unless they also charged you to organize it and make sure it’s wrapped up by 10 p.m. and as long as everyone enjoys the beer-and-cheese mixer session without becoming loose cannons. You play things tight to your chest, just like the beer you’ve been nursing for the last hour and a half.

Best Paired with: Kid Kolsch by New Glarus

Aquarius – The Whimsical Palate-izer

When you’re not gulping up the beautiful nectar of life around you, you’re gulping down a beautifully bright blue Berliner Weiss. If a place doesn’t have outdoor seating, then you’re more likely to breeze through for a quick half-pint before floating to the next bar – or wherever you feel like going in the moment. Most craft beer drinkers can’t keep up with your variety or how you ask, “What are you getting next?” when they’re taking the first sip of what they just ordered.

Best paired with: Rocket Popsicle Sour by Untitled Art

Pisces – The Buzzed Teeter Totter

You want that hop-bomb of an IPA, but you probably shouldn’t. You get the joys of ordering a pitcher for yourself, but you can see the pain that’s sure to come, too. You’re likely to close down a bar because you’ve spent the last few hours ruminating on life, what to drink next, why the tap faucet is shaped the way it is, and if Google was right when you searched “best craft beer bar near me.”

Best paired with: Deep Winter by Karben4

The End

There you have it. Did your horoscope jive with your drinking habits? Were we totally off-base, like any other horoscope-related content piece often is?

All in fun.

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