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The Pub Pass has a very simple premise.

Buy it for $20 and get a free pint at 20 different locations.

If you do the math based on $5 pints, you’ll save upwards of $80 by the time you go to all the destinations.

Not only that, you’ll have gotten a beer and created memories at venues you’ve maybe been to before and others you might be hearing about for the first time.

I purchased my first Pub Pass early 2018. I was skeptical. Was it for real? Would I actually use it? Was the value there?

As you can see from the photo, I’ve gone ahead and purchased a 2019 version and highly recommend it if you like to socialize over a brew.

Two big reasons I love the Pub Pass:

  1. It invites you to make new memories be it at venues you’ve been before or ones you’ve never been to, which can also be said for the beers. You’re a lot more likely to try something different if you know it’s “free.”
  2. The Pub Pass crew still encourages you to tip staff. Anyway, every person I’ve seen use the Pub Pass gives an extra dollar or two than normal since–in their minds–they didn’t pay for the beer.

The pub pass is a win-win, for you and the staff.

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