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I’ve answered a lot of questions about the bar in the last two years. One of the most fun branding exercises I’ve done is answer a simple-to-ask, difficult-to-answer list of questions from CODO design’s Craft Beer Branding Guide.

The book in its entirety is more fit for breweries, but still offers a ton to learn for any sort of business. (Because if there’s anything I’ve learned from the last five years of working in marketing, it’s that you can learn things from one industry or line of business and apply to another – usually to your [the brand’s] benefit.)

I expect my answers to the questions to change over time as the business stretches, leverages new trends and tweaks based on beer community feedback, but here’s where I landed with my first swing of answering questions.

What do you do? What’s your core service? 

I sell craft beer and the stories behind them. 

How do you do this? Special process?

Through draft and bottle with engaging and knowledgeable staff.

Why do you do what you do? What’s your purpose? 

I have such a belief in better beer, and these breweries are run by some incredible people with even more incredible stories. I want them to succeed, for you, for me, for them.

What’s the coolest thing about my bar? 

It’s a toss between the staff and the smart selection of story-filled beer.

Why does my bar matter? 

It’s influencing how other sellers of beer operate. It’s raising the bar of bars in the area and the industry, and it’s helping elevate the best breweries in the states.

What role should my brewery play in my customers’ lives? 

It’s a safe place to geek out and talk shop with friends.

Describe competition and how you are different? 

Others may have a fair beer selection. They may have food. But none of them have as stellar of staff, atmosphere and experiences.

What emotions should your branding evoke?


Like they are part of something larger than themselves, a movement, a tribe.

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