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Your Beer

Sophisticated AF

Funk Factory’s Cervino Sangiovese

Bursts with grape, plum and strawberry flavors. A real wine-beer hybrid

Proud of Madison’s history

Wisconsin Brewing Company’s Yankee Buzzard

Named after a bald eagle raised by a Wisconsin soldier during the civil war

Preference for playing it safe rather than being sorry

ALT Brew’s Copperhead

A gluten free GABF silver winner that’s seriously drinkable

The life of the party

Karben4’s Fantasy Factory

A beer full of bold flavor and wild packaging to boot–extra kudos to the one who brings the raspberry variant

The nurturing caretaker

Octopi/The Giving Brewery’s Almost HoMMMe

All profits from this illuminating IPA go to support @theroadhomedane

Chill and going with the flow

One Barrel’s Penguin Pale Ale

A smooth light style brewed with 20% wheat malt and notes of tangerine

Wild and unapologetic

Ale Asylum’s Tears Of My Enemies

Zesty and boldly hoppy with notes of apricot, peaches and oranges

Hot-headed, but a softie deep down

Untitled Art’s Oaxacan Stout

Cinnamon and cyan pop to start with a thick chocolatey sweet coat to finish

Lover not a fighter

Vintage Brewing Company’s Scaredy Cat

Hearty oatmeal stout that gets better the longer you hug it with your hand

Always ready to get shit done

Working Draft Beer Company’s Near East IPA

Swift hop bite meets a dry, complete finish

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