Open Bar Manager Position

Garth’s Brew Bar is opening in November of 2019 and is looking for a Bar Manager.

The ideal candidate in this position must thrive in a dynamic, fast-paced environment, maintaining a courteous demeanor with customers, as well as effectively make use of downtime. Strong leadership and personnel management skills should be accompanied by a customer service orientation and commitment to company values and image. The bar manager pays close attention to all operational details to ensure the comfort, safety and enjoyment of guests and job satisfaction of team members, as well as the financial success of the establishment.

What Do You Do?: 

Help breweries thrive by creating the ultimate tasting experience for guests


You will work as part of the bar’s operations team to ensure you create a rich consumer experience, build guest loyalty and reflect the brand while maintaining a positive and productive work environment.

You earn your salary by leading and creating efficiencies to the bar operations and maintaining a positive and productive work environment.

Along with the owner and other bartenders, you will contribute to building a business that is well known for excellent customer service, quality beer selection and beer education.

Mission Statement & Core Values:

Garth’s is Madison’s beer temple with a cozy atmosphere, educated staff, and well-thought out beer selection that is built with the craft beer drinking community top-of-mind. We’re here to help breweries thrive and raise the bar of bars in the Madison area.

At Garth’s, we take our core values very seriously. During your weekly 1-1 meetings with the owner, you will discuss areas you’re excelling and areas where you can improve within the following core values:

1.     We Before Me: What can we do for others?

2.     Make, Own and Learn From Mistakes: Where are our weak points?

3.     Thrash First: Are we making action a top priority?

4.     Care In All We Do: Is our heart in it?

5.     Positivity: Are we facing adversity with a healthy dose of optimism?

Organizational Position & Internal Collaboration:

You report to the owner, Garth, with whom you negotiate your salary and coordinate & prioritize daily assignments and weekly 1-1 meetings.

You will also work closely with bartenders that are responsible for carrying out other tasks and expectations that you set for them. The bartenders will report directly to you and you will be responsible for staff training, scheduling and performance.

Key Responsibilities:

All team members of Garth’s are expected to positively contribute to the culture of continuous improvement through intentional focus on the objectives specific to their role.

For you, the Bar Manager, this includes but is not limited to:

  • Using your honest judgement to create a positive customer experience and maintain a high standard of guest engagement at all times including follow ups with first-timers
  • Setting and enforcing safe, organized and clean environments throughout the bar including proper tracking of inventory, draught system cleanliness (cleaning lines every two weeks) and general staff procedures
  • Liaising and negotiating with suppliers and sales reps, taking inventory and ordering supplies while managing and ensuring adherence to cash management procedures
  • Leading shift meetings with bartenders, setting effective schedules and goals for staff and providing constant in-the-moment feedback to quickly resolve conflicts
  • Working alongside Garth to hire and train staff to provide excellent service to guests
  • Planning and taking part in promotional events, training and additional staffing for events like festivals, collaborations and tap invasions
  • Lead staff by example when preparing and serving beverages and food
  • Upkeep of the bar display to meet standards of providing guests with stories about different beer styles and making tasting recommendations accordingly
  • Propose ideas to garner more customer engagement and provide customer feedback to better the experience for future guests while maintaining strong knowledge regarding beers, merchandise and industry news

Expected Results:

Short term, the expectation is that you will master all of the components of a bar manager and establish on-going relationships with guests, team members and other connected businesses and brands

Long term, the expectation is that you contribute to the business’s marketing, training and sales process by increasing the return rate of guests. You’ll also study and learn what it takes to become a better bar manager with the opportunity to lead the opening of future establishments

Management Scope:

After each business day, you’ll email a recap of how the day/night went and where there were areas for improvement or success.

In relation to your areas of decision-making responsibility, you will need to make the following decisions:

  • How to best make things right with an unexpected incident
  • How to solve scheduling and staffing issues
  • How to best allocate operational resources
  • How to plan your time expenditure on different assignments

Hours in your role are anticipated to be on average 40-45 hours per week and will be a mix of nights and weekends

Required Experience:

  • At minimum some college
  • Cicerone® Beer Server Certified (certification will be reimbursed if hired)
  • Restaurant, bar or management experience
  • Strong understanding of business management, employee training and accounting principles
  • Draught system and inventory expertise
  • Operator’s license

Professional Growth Opportunities:

Your internal training plan includes the following areas:

  • Training in the use of the business’s POS system and other operational processes
  • Introductions to brewery owners, reps and distributor sales people
  • Reimbursement for the Cicerone Beer Server certification program and the Cicerone Certification (if not already achieved) 

It will be your responsibility to proactively educate yourself on industry news by subscribing to newsletters, taking courses like the Micro Matic Draught System course and other tasting classes. There is potential to be reimbursed for continued learning.

Your job contains the following opportunities of increased responsibility in the following areas:

  • Leading beer tastings, limited-time-offers and other events
  • Greater inventory, scheduling and vendor relation responsibilities

Employment Benefits:

  • Assistance in paying for health insurance
  • Paid time off
  • Beverages and snacks
  • Professional development fund
  • Holidays
  • Potential for cash bonus
  • Prescription discounts
  • And more

Emails and resumes can be sent to

Please Note: This Job Description is neither definitive nor restrictive and may be modified to meet changing needs. Garth’s Brew Bar is an equal opportunity establishment.